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Humankind has sought a simple, universal theorem representing the ultimate building block of nature. In searching, we have learned that energy and matter are complementary states of reality. Self-Utility — A Theory of Everything explains how within this universal design principle, “process” is also a complementary state of the same reality. Within this informational framework lies this unifying theory of existence — Self-Utility.

Self-Utility represents a system of internal attributes that initiate causal outcomes. Self-Utility is an intrinsic determinism that wills its host’s animation, wellbeing, and its existence! Self-Utility is inherent in humans, animals, plants, social system, institutions, organizations, rocks, atoms, energy, ideas and even the cosmos itself.

Self-Utility unites a diversity of “-ologies” under its common discipline. Personal knowledge of this theory empowers us with a cognitively heightened sense of understanding, of insight, and control over out behavior and ultimately of who we are.

Embracing the concept of Self-Utility gives us a reference to understand the dynamics of vast interacting networks of any type. It allows us to predict values and allegiances, thus ultimately predicting the behaviors of people, organizations and objects. And it empowers us to direct our being through interrelating cycles of influence. Self-Utility brings order to our whimsical World of whirling dervishes as if in a mystic circus.

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Title — Self-Utility: A Theory of Everything
Author – Michel Listenberger, OD
Publisher – AuthorHouse
Year Published – 2009
ISBN – 1434397580, 9781434397584
Length – 300 pages
Category –

Nature / General

Philosophy / General

Science / General


About Dr. Michel Listenberger

Michel and Judy

Dr. Listenberger is active as a volunteer in having participated in vision care missions around the world. He has experienced a diversity of ways that people live and interact. He has served as the International President of Voluntary Optometric Services to Humanity that has clinics and outreach programs in sixty countries.

He has written and developed curriculum and materials on Leadership Development for Optimist International, served its Youth Organization as advisor and chairman and has served as International President in 2005-2006.

Dr. Listenberger was born and raised in Northern Indiana. He attended Indiana University in Bloomington where he received his Bachelor and Doctorate Degrees in Optometry. He received a Certificate of Creative Management from the University of Notre Dame. He is currently the Senior Partner of Niles Vision Clinic in Michigan providing vision care to his local community.


"I really liked the book. It was a great read and very thought provoking!"
— Michael Murphy
Creative Director of Crazy Cool Design